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Personalised nutritional therapy for clients looking for a deeper understanding of their health. We'll spend time looking at the root causes of your symptoms and put together a plan to help support your recovery.


Personalised Nutritional Therapy

​Nutritional therapy can help us to identify deficiencies and imbalances within the body and just as importantly, provide a space to explore our relationship with food and whether it's getting in the way of improving our health. 

My area of interest is gut health and metabolic syndrome however I support clients in many areas of nutrition: 

Digestion, IBS, gut health

Skin conditions (psoriasis, rosacea, eczema)

Autoimmune conditions

Fatigue and post-viral malaise
Thyroid and adrenal health
Weight management
Type 2 and gestational diabetes
Fatty liver (NAFLD)
Blood lipid dysregulation


Appointments and Consultation Fees

Initial consultation (in-person): £65 (45 minutes) including nutritional plan

Follow-up appointment (telephone or zoom call): £35 (30 minutes) including updated nutritional plan 

I offer a discount for a full Nutritional Therapy Package: £125 which includes an initial consultation, your nutritional plan plus 2 telephone follow-up appointments.

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Saskia Knight

Registered Nutritional Therapist (NT mBANT CNHC)

I'm fascinated by the body's potential to thrive and it's ability to heal and I'm passionate about working with clients to help improve their health and wellbeing.

I've worked in healthcare for over 10 years and since completing my nutritional therapy training, I've been involved in the National Diabetes Prevention Programme as a health coach and as Physical Health Lead for Be Well Manchester. I love my role as the in-house nutritionist at Instinct Gym and Wellbeing in Tarporley, Cheshire. I also work with the gut health company, Chuckling Goat, as a nutritional therapist on their gut microbiome testing programme.

Over the years, my approach to supporting clients has evolved and my focus now is on gut health and the microbiome - you can read more on this on my Gut Health page.

I'm very much an advocate of a personalised approach to health and nutrition. Our bodies' function and respond in unique ways depending on many internal and external factors - this is why healthcare should always be tailored to the individual. 

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"When looking at a person's nutritional needs it is important to take all aspects of a person’s life into consideration: health conditions and dietary needs are interlinked with our lifestyle, our mental wellbeing and the stresses we endure through our lives."

"If we provide the body with the raw materials it needs and allow the internal environment to flourish, we can create the conditions for good health."


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