Gut health

Digestive health and improving the gut microbiome

The gut is at the centre of our physical and mental wellbeing therefore it should be a focus when considering all areas of health, whether it's a skin condition, autoimmunity, brain health, hormonal imbalances and so on. You can read more on why the health of our gut microbiome is so important in my blog.

If you would like to delve deeper into how your gut is functioning, address digestive complaints and tackle wider health issues by improving your gut health, this can all be done with Spring Green Nutrition.

First we'll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your health history and current symptoms as well as an analysis of your food diary and from that we'd decide what level of gut microbiome testing is necessary. Prices range from £100 to £350 depending on biomarkers.

I'll send you details of how to order a test kit (I use Invivo Healthcare), which will be sent to you within 2 days. Once you send your sample back to the lab, I'll receive the results within 15 days, after which we can arrange a follow-up call to discuss those results. I'll then email you your nutritional plan including recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplements (if necessary). I'm always available, in between consultations to discuss any questions you have about implementing the dietary changes.

I offer a discount on the full Gut Health Package: £325 includes an initial consultation, Invivo Gut Microbiome test, 2 telephone follow-up appointments as well as your personalised nutritional plan + summary of test results.

If you would like to have a chat about gut microbiome testing, please do get in touch!