Appointments & Fees

Prior to your appointment, I'll send you a health and symptom questionnaire and a 7-day food diary to complete.

During your appointment we'll look at your full health history, complete a symptom analysis and assess your nutritional needs from your food diary.
Together we'll explore all body systems in reflection of your symptoms and through testing if necessary. With this information, I'll put together a nutritional plan for you.
Although nutrition is the main focus, we'll also discuss other areas of health such as stress, sleep, relaxation and physical activity.

We'll then follow-up around 2-4 weeks later for a review of how you're getting on. We'll keep in touch via email between appointments if you have any questions about what we've discussed.

Consultation Fees

Initial consultation: £65 (45 minutes) including nutritional plan

Follow-up appointment: £35 (30 minutes) including updated nutritional plan

I offer a discount for a full Nutritional Therapy Package: £125 which includes an initial consultation, your nutritional plan plus 2 telephone follow-up appointments.

If you would like to chat further about how nutritional therapy can benefit you or to arrange an appointment, please do get in touch!